How to Teach Your Dog Tricks

Well, teaching your dog new tricks can be a great way of spending time together, play games, mentally stimulate your pup, and strengthen your overall relationship. Dog training will give your dog a chance to exercise both their body and brain while helping to reinforce important commands, behavior, and critical obedience skills like impulse control.  So, training sessions shouldn’t last more than 10 minutes once or twice a day, and important that you need to be in a good mood and willing to praise your dog enthusiastically when it performs well. Below are the steps in how to teach your dog tricks.


Spaniel dog barking

Training a dog to speak is fun and helps to solve a common behavior problem. Many dog trainers recommend using the speak and quiet commands which puts an end to excessive barking. Putting these on command allows your dog to bark in certain situations and allows you to have control over when the barking should start or stop. It can be a lot of fun to show off your dog’s conversational skills at family gatherings.


Back-Up is a fun dog trick that comes in handy in a variety of situations. Once your dog knows how to back up command you can use it to keep it from rushing out the door, crowding you at the refrigerator, or just to entertain your friends. Back up is fairly simple for teaching a dog and all you need is some patience and a handful of treats. You can quickly train a dog to back up a few steps when you give the command.

Shake Paws

Have your dog greet your friends by shaking hands and an easy dog trick where you can usually train a dog to do in a few short training sessions. Most dogs naturally like using their paws and will enjoy the positive attention they get when doing this trick. This method is usually in how to teach your dog tricks.


Training a dog to wave hello or goodbye is a fun and fairly simple dog trick. Start by training your dog to shake paws. You need to use the same action your dog uses to shake to train it to lift its paw to wave. However, this is a great attention-getting trick that will be very cute to watch.

Taking Bow

A greyhound taking a bow

Taking a bow is a dog trick that involves having your dog put its chest to the ground while keeping its rear end up in the air. It might sound like a difficult dog trick for training a dog to do, however, the truth is that bowing is a natural behavior for dogs.

The above-mentioned steps could be the ideal method to teach the dog basic discipline to learn at home. Hope that I have covered all the topics in my article about how to teach your dog tricks. Thanks for reading!

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